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He is seen shocked when Rachel announces she stuffed the ballot box in Kurt's favor and is banned from competing in Sectionals. McGinty joined the newly formed Celtic Thunder in as a boy soprano at 14, and as he aged, developed a rich baritone, while still singing tenor and able to hit the high notes. At first glance, he appears to be very calculating, especially when it comes to girls, since he tried to manipulate Brittany into sleeping with him. The New York Times. He's also present making the costumes for his fellow glee-club members together with the other newbies, though he doesn't seem to be very good at it, because he cuts his finger. Rory is seen in the choir room during several occasions, for example, he is seen when Quinn and Artie are singing I'm Still Standingand he attends all of the acting classes hosted by Cooper.

  • Damian Joseph McGinty Jr. (born 9 September ) is an actor and singer from Derry, Northern Ireland. McGinty has been performing for over a decade, and a member of the group Celtic Thunder for four years starting when he was fourteen.

    On 21 AugustMcGinty won the Oxygen reality show The Glee Project. Rory Flanagan is a recurring fictional character from the Fox musical comedy- drama series Glee. The character is portrayed by actor Damian McGinty, and appeared in Glee Rory is an exchange student from Ireland who arrives as a sophomore, and is living at the home of Brittany Pierce (Heather Morris) while studying at.

    Damian McGinty was born on September 9, in Derry, Northern Ireland as Damian Joseph McGinty Jr. He is an actor, known for Glee (), The Glee Project () and Celtic Thunder: Storm ().

    Glee Rory Flanagan / Sam Evans.
    This reply makes Sam leave, disappointed, as he had expected Rory to understand his point of view of Christmas, especially as they had formed a bond over similar isolated feelings. Schuester brings peanut butter for Rory to eat because he has never tried it before. Brittany, at first, thinks that Rory is a leprechaun, and asks him to grant her three wishes.

    images irish guy on glee

    Rory has a thick Irish accent. He walks in the halls with Finn, and they see Santana.

    images irish guy on glee
    He even sort of looked up to Finn and Sam after they tried to become his friends.

    Rory admires Finn, whom he recognizes from an online video of him kissing Rachel at last year's Nationals.

    images irish guy on glee

    Rory sneaks into Brittany's room and places chocolate bars into Lord Tubbington's litter box. This could be culture shock, although it's implied that he was socially awkward before arriving in America. He is seen again when the New Directions find out the Warblers stole their set-list. During a conversation with Cooper AndersonRory asks if he has ever asked George Clooney, to which he responds that he hasn't, and both of them then get a picture together.

    He is last seen among the group waving goodbye to Rachel as she heads for New York.

    Rory Flanagan is a recurring character on the third season of Glee.

    He was an Ireland, Pixie Boy, Great Gazoo Kid, Potato Eating Poser, Pet Irish (Santana). During his time on "Glee," McGinty was befriended by the late actor as this wee kid from Ireland, and go onto one of the biggest shows on. Damian McGinty played Rory Flanagan in Glee and also had musical An Irish actor and singer who starred in Glee has revealed a fan once.
    Sugar herself can't decide which one to date, so Rory just as Artie tries to win her for himself.

    Retrieved 18 July He tries to make these wishes happen, because he hopes that she will sleep with him as a reward. Rory, a foreign exchange student from Ireland, has begun attending McKinley High as a sophomore and is regularly being bullied.

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    Retrieved December 14, Sugar expresses that she is going to miss Rory once he is deported.

    images irish guy on glee
    At the end of Season three, he departed the United States and went back home to Ireland. Rory says that it is the best thing that he had ever tasted. Sugar then says that she feels more pity for him than she does for Artie.

    He calms Sam down when he gets in a fight with Puck.

    McGinty has been performing for over a decade, and a member of the group Celtic Thunder for four years starting when he was fourteen. Brittany, at first, thinks that Rory is a leprechaun, and asks him to grant her three wishes. He has been performing for over a decade, winning his first singing competition when he was just five years old.

    images irish guy on glee

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    1. He also either lied about being deported at the end of the school year, or used the fact in order to win Sugar Motta as his "Valentine's Date.